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Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association established medical engineering expert Committee

      The morning of July 22, 2023,The establishment meeting of the Medical Engineering Expert Committee of Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association and the Innovation-driven high-quality Development Forum for medical devices were held in Beijing,Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association Executive Vice president and Secretary general Fu Lijia, Vice president Ma Guangsong,Shen Bowen, Department of Achievement Transformation and Regional Innovation, Ministry of Science and Technology,Li Jiayan, Emerging Industry Center, China Investment Association, National Development and Reform Commission,Liu Hui, Beijing Medical Health Technology Development Center,National High Performance Medical Device Innovation Center Zhao Peng,Members of the Committee of Medical Engineering experts attended the conference。

       The conference first conducts the election of members, and the participating members elect the Chairman, Deputy chairmen, standing members, members, advisory members, Secretary-General, deputy Secretary-General and secretary of the first Committee by a show of hands。Among them, Wang Jianguo, director of Beijing Chest Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, is the chairman, and Bai Quanfu, director of Aviation General Hospital of China Medical University, is the deputy chairman and Secretary-General。

      随后,Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association Executive Vice president and Secretary general Fu Lijia, Vice president Ma Guangsong,Shanghai Hospital Association medical equipment management committee Chairman Zhang Jian,Pang Yu, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of Beijing Chest Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, congratulated the establishment of the special committee through offline or online means,It is pointed out that medical engineering plays an important role in promoting the quality and efficiency of hospitals, promoting the integration of production, university and research, and facilitating the high-quality development of hospitals,And hope that the special committee after the establishment of active action,To contribute to the progress of the medical engineering industry and the high-quality development and construction of hospitals。

      At the founding meeting, the leaders attending the meeting successively issued certificates to the members。Director Wang Jianguo reported the work of the establishment of the committee, reported the preparatory process of the special committee from the aspects of preparatory background, organizational structure, preparatory process, work plan, etc., and said that after the establishment of the special committee, it will actively implement various tasks, give play to professional advantages and collective strength, and make positive contributions to the development of the medical engineering industry。At the same time, I also hope that leaders can give attention and support to jointly promote the development and progress of the industry。

      In the innovation-driven medical device high-quality development forum session, Shen Bowen, Li Jiayan, Liu Hui, Zhao Peng, Pan Yu and other experts and business representatives from the medical device innovation transformation policy, service platform, product research and development, investment value, innovative products and other aspects of the theme report。Subsequently, the dialogue on "medical and industrial integration innovation and development" was launched, and in-depth exchanges were conducted from the aspects of the current situation and needs of hospital engineers' innovation and development。Finally, Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General Bai Quan announced the successful conclusion of the conference。


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